Happy Valentines Day, Chloe.

To you.

You asked me when I would write again,

And if I could write about you… so here it is.

Chloe. You’re a dafty.

But you’re my dafty, so it’s awrite.

Your patters terrible. You’re a mad panic merchant and you’ve got one ugly, ugly big toe (more like a stub these days). The queen of procrastination. Dramatic as hell. And that fake tan is absolutely everywhere! A complete nuisance who still can’t change her own bedsheets or clean her own ears, but we’ll not get into that too much..

(Right, now I’ve got the negatives out the way I can start dishing out the soppy gear.)

I wouldn’t have you any other way! If that’s the worst that I can come up with I think I’m onto a winner. I love you. You’re hilarious. So intelligent. When you hit me with those random facts of information. I now know all the do’s and don’ts in urgent medical situations.

I see the graft you put in. At work or in college. Lord knows you’ve got the most mental sleeping pattern about but you shrug it off and get on with it because you know what you want and you know how to get it. I’m buzzin for you to realise your dreams and achieve everything you set your mind to. My wee nurse. A caring, honest and decent person. The perfect candidate for looking after others with a genuine caring nature. I can’t wait to see what a success you’ll become and I’m here to support you every step of the way.

Can I just remind you of how beautiful you are? Jesus. I don’t deserve you. To this day I still don’t understand. You could have anybody. Be on the red carpet next to some sharp looking model man. The only regret I have in my life is not meeting you sooner. I always try my best to make you feel special and nothing gives me more joy than to see your beauteous smile.

I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me. From the moment we met, even as friends, you listened to everything I had to say. When we grew closer I knew why I wanted to be with you. How you deal with issues. How you help me to see from another perspective. I might be older and I might have more life experience but I learn from you every single day and that’s what I love about you the most. You inspire me.

You asked me when I would write again, And if I could write about you…

I will write about you until there’s no more left to say. Although that is something I can’t imagine ever happening.

Happy Valentines Day, love Aidan. X

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